Affiliate Program

With our affiliate program you will be able to start making money now! Register with us and start generating profits with ease.

You will be able to promote your favorite games and monetize your audience!

Based on your referral´s net revenue, you will be able to passively generate income by linking your targeted audience to our website. With the tools we are going to provide, taking your marketing to the next level will be a piece of cake! Banners, adds, sliders, bonus codes, texts and all the advertisements you can think of will help you reach your potential faster!

Bronze 20%


Silver 25%


Gold 30%


Platinum 35%


Rules of Engagement

Payments are based on the net revenue generated by the referrals. Either the players net losses or their first deposit. If the company incurs in a loss due to the referrals from any given affiliate, the payment will be forfeited.

Inactivity period equal to or more than 3 months will result in the player becoming an asset of the company without having to pay for the respective fee.

All customers entered through the affiliate program using our links and coming to play on our platform are part of the private database owned by wintory casino and wintory casino only.

By enroling in this program you are aknowledging that you read and accepted this terms and conditions.

Wintory casino may terminate this agreement when the user is considered to be abusing and/or taking advabtage of the affiliate program. The user might be considered unsuitable due to circumnstances and situiations that the company reservers.

The agreement can be modified at any time and at its own discretion by wintory casino. A new agreement will be posted and the terms and conditions modified. By continuing to participate on the program, you accet the new and modified terms and conditions.

The affiliate must promote, advertise, market, and do their best efforts to push the wintory casino brand through its network and to its major capabilities. This in order to beneffit the financial gain from both the company and the affiliate.

All referred customers are based and ruled by the wintory casino players terms and conditions. Customers not allowed to open an account with wintory casino may not apply to the affiliate program.

Affiliates must ensure that the correct tracking information is used by their referrals. Wintory casino will not be responsible of referrals that use the wrong information to register.

Payout/Deposit fees will be considered as a positive balance, they will accumulate on a monthly basis and be taken in account at the end of the month.

Charges generated by third party providers such as Live Casino/Poker will count towards the final balance. They will be applied at the end of the period and according to the win/losses of the player, the balance will be affected.

A minimum of five active affiliates is needed in order to request a payout. Wintory reserves the right to withhold payout to any affiliates that may appear dormant after reaching a set goal or marker.

Any affiliate is prohibited to buy/lease/sublease but are not limited by, any domain/website/blog/social media that may include the wintory casino brand and or keywords/phrases but not limited to, in any format and in any PPC engine.

The affiliate balance can be transferred to a playable account owned by the affiliate. No roll over required. If the affiliate wishes to transfer the balance to a third party, then the 1xRO will apply to the deposit.

The affiliate is the only one responsible for the maintenance and functioning of their online tools.