How to Deposit

To fund your account at Wintory Casino, you must deposit money through the official payment methods.

Please follow the steps below to deposit to your account:

  1. Log in with your username and password at the Wintory Casino website.
  2. Click on Deposit
  3. Choose your preferred payment method from the list.
  4. Follow the instructions for your preferred payment method to complete the transaction.
  5. Wait for your transaction to be confirmed. Keep in mind that depending on your choosing payment method, the confirmation and application of the transaction may take longer.

Crypo Ccurrencies

For many reasons, people around the world are using the famous crypto currency Bitcoin more and more in online casinos around the world. As we all know, Bitcoin is not owned by anyone, backed by a developer community. Not only does it offer to make an international deposit in minutes offering the user a certain anonymity and you will not have to go through different processes where banks and other identities will charge high commissions. The Blockchain or platform that manages Bitcoin is completely free, with an option to speed up transaction processes with minimal commission.

CoinMinimum DepositDeposit Limit
BTC Cash$5010BCH

After submitting your Deposit, please check your account within the time frame of your payment method to confirm the credited. If you don’t see your deposit, check your mail box for a Wintory Casino message.  If there is no message from us, contact our customer services staff immediately.

Withdrawals Options

Withdrawal MethodMinimumLimit

Wintory Casino processed all payouts on a first-come, first-serve basis. Our staff strives to approve all payouts within 72 hours for regular players and 24 hours for VIP players.

Reverse Withdrawal

Fees may apply to some of the payment methods, players must confirm trough the withdrawal method website and with the Wintory Casino staff if a fee will be charge for the use of the withdrawal method.

The player can request a withdrawal reverse within 48 hours, and as long the withdrawal shows the Awaiting Process status on the player’s account log.

Once the player requests the withdrawal reverse, the funds will be immediately returned to your Wintory Casino account.

Once the withdrawal status has changed Awaiting Process from to Processed, the player will no longer be able to cancel it.

Be aware that all deposits must be wagered during an event to qualify for that event. For that reason, a withdrawal reverse by the player during an event will not be eligible for that event.

Withdrawal Payment Time Frames

Each withdrawal method has its time frame for the withdrawal to be credited. That time must be added to the time it takes to Wintory Casino staff to process and approve the withdrawal.

The following is a reference to the typical time frames for some of the withdrawal options.

Withdrawal MethodTotal Time for Transaction
BitcoinUp to 5 days

The time frames are calculated in business days.

These time frames are for reference only and can change without prior notice due several factors such as, but not limited to verification procedures, technical issues, holidays, third parties procedures, issues or omissions. Wintory Casino will not be respo

These time frames are for reference only and can change without prior notice due to several factors such as, but not limited to, verification procedures, technical issues, holidays, third parties procedures, issues, or omissions. Wintory Casino will not be responsible for any delay in the processing and credit of a withdrawal.

Wintory Casino reserves the right to delay and stop the processing of withdrawal for several reasons such as, but not limited to, player verification issues, player outstanding deposit transactions, player violation of the terms of use of the services.

If you have questions or any problem with a withdrawal, please contact our customer services staff.