Type of Funds

Players will have both Available Funds and Restricted Funds on their accounts.

Available Funds

Are made of the funds that the player has deposited directly to the account through the accepted deposit methods. Plus, the winnings obtained with such funds and any bonus funds that have met the applicable wagering requirements.

Available funds can be used in any game at Wintory Casino and can be requested for withdrawal at any time.

Wagers made with available funds will increase the jackpot prizes.

Restricted Funds

Are made of the total of bonus funds that have not yet met the wagering requirement, plus the winnings associated with such bonus funds.

If your account has restricted funds the next time you place a wager, this balance will be used first. Once your restricted fund’s balance reaches zero, your available funds will be used for bets.

If the player places a bet with restricted funds only and wins, he will receive up to a maximum of XXXXX in winnings. This limitation does not apply to progressive jackpot winnings.

Wagers made with jackpot vouchers, restricted funds, Free Spins, Free Plays will no increase the jackpot prizes.

Wagers made with restricted funds may not count to accumulate points or meet the wagering requirements of other promotions.

The player will lose the right to be eligible for a bonus, continue to participate in a promotion, and will lose all points, restricted funds, and associated earnings if:

  • He doesn’t login to the account for a period of 90 days.
  • He has a pending message on the website regarding gaming activity.
  • Player identity cannot be confirmed.
  • There is strange activity in the account.

Wintory Casino has the right to change or end any bonuses, promotions, and other benefits at any time, without explaining the reason or compensating the Customer in any way for such an event.