General Considerations

Wintory Casino may offer bonuses, promotions, and special offers to all players from time to time. Some examples of the activities mentioned above include, but are not limited to, Free Spins, Free Plays, Bonus Credit, and others.

All these activities will be subject to the following Bonus Policy, User Agreement, and to any promotion-specific terms and conditions.

In case of conflicts or disputes between the parties, the following order of priority will be followed to apply the rules, procedures, or sanctions described in each part:

  1. Promotion Terms
  2. Bonus Policy
  3. User agreement
  4. Terms of Use

The official currency use in Wintory Casino is US Dollars. Any amount mention on a promotion or bonus will be in US Dollars.

To be eligible for any promotion or bonus, you must be a registered member of Wintory Casino.

All the members of Wintory Casino with an active account are eligible for promotions and bonuses. However, in some territories, jurisdictions, states, or countries, special terms may apply, such as, but not limited to: wagering requirements, deposit requirements, or bonuses may not be available.

For more details on special terms, please contact our customer service staff.

Bonus and promotions are limited to one player per household.

Wintory Casino will perform an identity verification based on: name, mailing address, e-mail address, IP address, credit/charge card number. Wintory Casino may request other forms of identification.

All the promotions and bonus has requirements that the player must comply such as, but not limited to:

Deposit of a specific amount.

Make wagers totaling a specific amount.

Some promotions and bonus may require that the player submits a claim to receive the benefit. If the player fails to follow the claiming procedure and cannot provide evidence of the request, the promotion or bonus will be void.

Winnings obtained from the use of a bonus can only be requested for withdrawing after an amount totaling no less than 30(thirty) time the initial bonus amount received has been wagered.

All the promotions and bonus and the associated winnings expire within 90 days of being granted.

All the wagering requirements must be completed within 90 days of the promotion or bonus been granted. If the player fails to complete the wagering requirements, he will forfeit the bonus and the winnings associated.

If the player requests a withdraw of funds, while there are wager requirements pended to complete, the applicable bonus and associated winnings will be canceled upon cashout.

Type of Funds

Players will have both Available Funds and Restricted Funds on their accounts.

Available Funds

Are made of the funds that the player has deposited directly to the account through the accepted deposit methods. Plus, the winnings obtained with such funds and any bonus funds that have met the applicable wagering requirements.

Available funds can be used in any game at Wintory Casino and can be requested for withdrawal at any time.

Wagers made with available funds will increase the jackpot prizes.

Restricted Funds

Are made of the total of bonus funds that have not yet met the wagering requirement, plus the winnings associated with such bonus funds.

If your account has restricted funds the next time you place a wager, this balance will be used first. Once your restricted fund’s balance reaches zero, your available funds will be used for bets.

If the player places a bet with restricted funds only and wins, he will receive up to a maximum of XXXXX in winnings. This limitation does not apply to progressive jackpot winnings.

Wagers made with jackpot vouchers, restricted funds, Free Spins, Free Plays will no increase the jackpot prizes.

Wagers made with restricted funds may not count to accumulate points or meet the wagering requirements of other promotions.

The player will lose the right to be eligible for a bonus, continue to participate in a promotion, and will lose all points, restricted funds, and associated earnings if:

He doesn’t login to the account for a period of 90 days.

He has a pending message on the website regarding gaming activity.

Player identity cannot be confirmed.
There is strange activity in the account.

Wintory Casino has the right to change or end any bonuses, promotions, and other benefits at any time, without explaining the reason or compensating the Customer in any way for such an event.

Welcome Bonus

This Bonus is available for players who are legal residents of XXXX,XXXX,XXXX,XXXX.

Wintory Casino has the right to remove the Welcome Bonus, and any winnings related to use of the Welcome Bonus if the player is not a legal resident of the mentioned countries, if the player is caught cheating, if the player incurs in bonus abuse, or if the player violated the Promotion Terms, Bonus Policy, User Agreement, or Terms of Use.

To be credited with the Welcome Bonus, the player must make a first deposit of $XXXX into the account and use the promotion code XXXX. If the first deposit is made with XXX and XXXX, the player will not be eligible for the Welcome Bonus.

If the player complies with all the requirements, Wintory Casino will give a 100% FreePlay Bonus of the first deposit, up to $XXXXX.

Unless stated otherwise in the Promotion Terms, Wintory Casino will credit the Welcome Bonus to the player’s account upon the first deposit.

The Welcome Bonus can only be claimed if you:

Have never deposited on your player account.

Never have received or claimed other promotions or bonus at Wintory Casino.

The Welcome Bonus will be limited to one player per household.

The Welcome Bonus terms and conditions may vary for several reasons such as, but not limited to, exclusive offers, conversion rates, third parties activities, and others.

Free Spins Bonus

This bonus expires after 14 days.

Unused Free Spins will be removed from the account after 14 days.

Winnings obtain with Free Spins are Restricted Funds and are subject to the terms of Restricted Funds mention above.

Free Spins winnings are granted just after the player has used all the Free Spins.

All the Free Spins winnings are capped.


This bonus expires after 14 days.

Unused Free Plays will be removed from the account after 14 days.

Winnings obtain with Free Plays are Restricted Funds and are subject to the terms of Restricted Funds mention above.

Free Plays winnings are granted just after the player has used all the Free Plays.

All the Free Plays winnings are capped.

Jackpot Voucher

Jackpot vouchers can be granted as a type of bonus.

Wintory Casino will select in which jackpot game the voucher can be used and can change the game at any time.

Jackpot Vouchers cannot:

Be exchanged or converted into cash.

Transferred from a player to another

Combined to create a higher value voucher

Jackpot vouchers expire after 14 days. If the player doesn’t use the voucher, this will be canceled after that period of time.

If the player wins using a jackpot voucher, he will be entitled to receive only the jackpot prize. Any other prize related to the game will be excluded and will be retained by Wintory Casino.

There are no wagering requirements for jackpot prizes won with a jackpot voucher.

All jackpot winnings will be subject to comply with the User Agreement and the Terms of Use.

Wagering Contributions

If the player has more than one bonus pending to meet wagering requirements, all the wagers he makes will contribute to the first bonus received.

Low-risk wagering will not contribute to the wagering requirements as is not considered a valid wager.

Some games contribute to wagering requirements more than others.

Here is a reference list of the contribution of some of the games:

Video Slots, Slots, Keno, Race, Arcade, Scratch Card.100%
Roulette (all versions), Poker games (Pai Gow, Caribbean, Triple Card, Table Games)20%
Blackjack (all versions), Hi Lo, Baccarat. Lives Games (baccarat, roulette, blackjack)10%